Funding News

We’re back again with the results of the most recent Horizon 2020 ITN deadline. For the first time in recent years we had seen a reduction in total submissions. Have 60 fewer proposals had any influence on this year’s success rate? Read on to find out.

Of the 1,658 submitted proposals in total, over 85.5% were for European Training Networks (ETN), 9.6% for European Industrial Doctorates and 4.9% for European Joint Doctorates (EJD). These numbers are what we’ve come to expect from recent years.

ITN 2018 success rate

With a slightly increased budget and a lower number of submissions, we were expecting a slightly higher success rate for 2018. Of the 1,658 submissions for ETNs, EJDs and EIDs, 123 received funding. The total success rate across the ITN 2018 thus stands at 7% - slightly lower than in previous years (about 8% in the last three years).

European Training Networks (ETNs)

Of the 1,417 ETN proposals submitted 94 projects, 7% of all submitted proposals, will be funded, meaning a slight decrease in the success rate when compared to the previous year (8%). Remarkably, this drop is observed despite the lower number of submitted proposals.

European Industrial Doctorates (EIDs) and European Joint Doctorates (EJDs)

As in previous years, the EID and EJD schemes give you a higher chance of receiving funding. The success rate for EID has remained at roughly 13% and the success rate for EJDs has decreased slightly by 1% (down to 11%) compared to 2017.

ITN proposal successful – what now?

For all the successful proposals, the next phase has already begun: Grant preparations. We have many years of experience in this field; accelopment can offer any consortium the assistance it needs during this phase. More importantly during the project implementation, we can support you as a Partner Organisation. Our roles then include supporting the project management and dissemination activities. These services are covered by the EU grant. Last year's successful accelopment-supported ETNs include EuroNeurotrophin (765704), ImmerSAFE (764951) and LightDyNAmics (765266), joined by three new ITNs this year. Alongside that, accelopment also offers transferable skills workshops for ESRs on EU funding opportunities and proposal writing as well as on EU research project management. Such workshops were provided by our experts Dr Johannes Ripperger and Dr Jeanette Müller in EXCILIGHT (674990), RAPID-ITN (606889) and ClickGene (642023) more recently.

We are pleased to announce that accelopment is a Partner Organisation providing project management and dissemination support as well as transferable skills training workshops in 3 successful projects (two ETNs and one EID). For general inquires or potential partnerships, feel free to send us a message or call us. Ask for any of our ITN experts Dr Jeanette Müller, Dr Johannes Ripperger or Mr. Marco Cavallaro.